Race Results for July 10, 2021

 Well, the weather forecast was for partly sunny, 84deg, and steady 7-9mph breeze from the NW. The first two happened, but the wind was light and variable as per this year's usual for our lake. However we had a great showing of skippers for both classes. Despite Bart and Koni being absent due to vacation travels, we had eight EC12s to start the day, and sailed eight races. Danny and I set the courses. We added Scott Graf as a new dues paying club member though a very active skipper in regattas. Ian Hewitt also was welcomed back into the fray with his new to him EC12. In Race 1 Scott G was edged out by Danny for the first of many bullets (5 total). Three of us also had one win each, Scott G, Scott S, and I. For the overall win Danny wiped us out with 12pts, followed by Scott G grabbing 2nd by 1pt over me. 

After a quick lunch, we launched the DF65s and had a whopping total of 10 boats!! Scott G stayed around for a bit to tweak the course to a shorter windward (sometimes) leg. It was glorious to see that many out there, if only the wind had been stronger......  Danny continued his winning ways as he nailed 6 of the 8 bullets, with myself and Mike C grabbing the other two. With that many boats there were multiple head to head mini races going on. And often the fleet would bring the wind to the leader as the distance would just disappear. Several times we had 5 boats wide tied for the lead partway up or down a leg. Danny's worse races were 2-2nds as he ended with ony 10pts. I had an electrical glitch and missed the first race as I bypassed the on-off switch so I had to play catchup. But after 6 races I was tied with Nick for 2nd and ahead of Mike C by 7 pts. Nick and Jack did not start the last race but Mike C almost got me but settled for 3rd by 2 pts.  Please click on the links below for the scoresheets.   -Jarl

2021 July 10 Race Scores

Danny Thomas 10
Jarl Wathne 32
Mike Cavanaugh 34
Nick Krawczak 39
Khim Bittle 42
Jack Adams 47
Helen Stevens 57
Scott Smith 62
Mike Lewis 64
Debbi Lewis 81

Danny Thomas 12
Scott Graf 22
Jarl Wathne 23
Mike Cavanaugh 33
Scott Smith 37
Ian Hewitt 49
Steve Ott 65
Terry Lamb 69