Report on Racing Sailing at Friendship Pond, Saturday May 3rd. Dragon Force 65s

Flat calm conditions became NNW @ 3-5mph with gusts to 10 mph by about 1015. Mid day there were occasional short downbursts in the 20 mph plus range. While after lunch the breeze definitely tapered off. The weather was delightful: abundant sunshine, high temperature around 70 F, and the trees and covered bridge provided plenty of shade. Or you could opt for sun, if preferred. The grounds were immaculately maintained: deep green grass, a pretty variety of tree foliage and some flowers. The air was delightful and the scene was serene.

The standard ‘Menno Haven’ race course was set which includes the “S” leg across the wide part of the Pond. The wind, as is typical, was quite variable in both speed and direction. Yet the prevailing condition was NNW to SSE which provided good, long windward/leeward legs and a fine reaching leg as well.

The outcome for the top two slots was never in question with Mike C. winning 14 of the 20 races and Scott Smith winning the remaining 6 and taking 12 second place finishes. The competition for the #3 slot was keen. But Helen’s 4 DNS (Did not Start) boosted her final tally enough that Jerry prevailed. Did I mention that Jerry’s boat was a Nirvana 32 — with a clear Length over All (LOA) advantage, so Helen’s 12 point deficit demonstrated her continued improvement as a Skipper. Jerry is still challenged by rounding distant marks properly. This is a developed talent; and will come with time; but nonetheless he thoroughly enjoys sailing at Friendship Pond.

It was Scott and Penny’s first visit to Friendship Pond at Brookview (formerly Menno Village). They were lavish in praising the ambience of the place. The full hour’s picnic lunch gathered around the table they brought provided plenty of time for ‘visiting’ and getting to know one another a little better.

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Photos by Mike Cavanaugh - click on photo to see full sized.

Here are two of the most notable quotes of the day.

The first, when Jerry R humbly observed, “When it comes to collisions Clyde W. doesn’t have anything on me.”

And the second from Scott S. — after Mike C ‘helped him’ by making some tuning alterations to his #64 boat pond side - and upon discovering a race or two later - that in the process the jib topping lift had been ‘snagged to the mainmast’. Scott said, “letting a fellow Skipper make unsupervised adjustments to your boat may not be all that wise!” Of course, we all knew he was only kidding!

Scoring summary

Skipper         Boat #   Points (1st Place finishes)  Total Bullets       DNS/DNF

Mike C              8         28                                   14                       0
Scott S            64        36                                     6                       0
Jerry R             27       64                                     0                        0
Helen S            11       76                                      0                       4